Monday, 4 June 2007

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Project status

Let's see, what have I done in the preparing period:

Monday, 16 April 2007

Alvin koncert

Roviden: ma este Alvin e's a mo'kusok koncert Jate-ban :)
Update: A koncert nagyon-nagyon jol sikerult. Es hala az egnek Viki visszatert a csapatba, igy ismet az eredeti "megszokott" felallasban hallgathattuk oket.

Bash kotprogram iras

Egyik ismeros ma megkert, hogy irjak neki egy kis shell scriptet. A jo oreg vim, a terminalon dolgozas felidezte a regi idoket, amikor meg napi rendszereseggel irkaltam az ilyeneket. Asszem ennyi eleg is volt a visszaemlekezesbol. Irany vissza Eclipsere javat kodolni. Lassan a GSoC feladaton is elkene kezdenem gondolkodni, meg a mentorommal ujra elkezdeni a levelezest. Tehat azert ugy van teendom.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Criticalmass Szeged 2007

Criticalmass Szeged

List of accepted applications

I found a page in the discuss list which contains all accepted applications (author name, mentor name and app. title) .
And the page:

My selected GSoC application

I submitted 3 applications to the Eclipse section :
  • Improve Mylar's new users experiences
  • Develop an RCP based bugzilla client and newsreader
  • Develop plug-ins with Groovy programming language
Mentors choosed the 1st application, so I copy it to here:

Project title:

Improve Mylar's new users experiences

Project description:

The project's goal is to write a plug-in which presents for the new users Mylar from the basics to the every days use. And for the other users it will help too with the built-in help.

The plug-in contains:
* a welcome page which contains:
* new & noteworthy information
* tutorials
* in the overview menupoint a link to the Mylar description text

* cheat sheets which show the use of Mylar through examples:
* each presentation of the 3 views (task list, repositories, activity) (properties and basic using)
* focus working
* connecting to the database and adding new repository (to all connectors)
* adding new query
* modifying query
* opening, activating, synchronizing task
* making and using local tasks
* categorizing the tasks

* filling the built-in help from the wiki page informations:
* User Guide
* Tips & Tricks
* Information for the developers: references, components description


In the null phase (april 12 to may 28 ): learn more about Mylar

In the first phase (may 28 to june 3): implement the welcome page

In the second phase (june 4 to june 24): implement the cheet sheets
Release M1.

In the third phase (june 25 to july 8): start to implement the help.
Release M2.

First deadline (july 9 to july 16).

In the fourth phase (july 16 to august 19): finish the help. Fixing knowed bugs.
In july 29 make a M3 release
In august 12 make an RC release
In august 19 make a 1.0.0 version release .

Final deadline (auugust 20 to august 31).


I was born in 1983 August 01 in Dunaujvaros, Hungary.
I'm learning at the University of Szeged Faculty of Natural Sciences. My major is technological informatics.
While I was studying I was working, too as a linux system administrator at different companies.
I'm working for 9 months as java software developer at a company in part time. Because of the profile of the company I'm writing Eclipse plug-ins and RCP applications regurarly.

A short description of my major tasks where I used Eclipse technology:
Company's tasks:
* plug-ins (client and server too) which work out the Distribution Pair-Programming. I've used ECF to communicate between computers (sharing file saving history and filesharing too).
* a plug-in which convert a business application exported xmi file (the file contain uml diagrams specific information) to Rational Software Modeler.
* a plug-in to run FIT (Framework for Integrated Test) tests.
* rewrite a swing application client part to RCP platform. It use RMI for the communication with the server. The server communicate with the Oracle database server.
University's task:
* an RCP instant messaging application which uses SIP protocol.

Moreover I have used these technologies: JUnit, Abbot.
In 2006 my team won the best design award in the IBM Linux48 Programming Competition. The task was to create a web application with IBM products (Rational Applcation Studio, WebSphere, DB2).

Link to my cv: